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Appendix D: MODFLOW-2005

The forward model MODFLOW-2005 is the current release of the MODFLOW model from the USGS, and handles one, two, and three-dimensional groundwater flow scenarios. This appendix is intended to discuss MODFLOW-2005 features that are relevant to MAD#. See its website for more information on the software itself.

Origin convention

The geometry in MODFLOW-2005 is a vertical stack of rectangular grids with (row=1, column=1) in the top left corner of the grid. However, the coordinate system has (x=0m, y=0m) in the bottom left. MAD#’s origin (both grid and coordinate) is in the bottom left corner. Always use MAD#’s row and column convention when assigning values in MAD#. The driver will handle the conversion to MODFLOW-2005’s system.

Supported geometries

The current version of MAD# supports 1D, 2D, and 3D MODFLOW-2005 projects with regular grids.


Model time and length units can be specified in MODFLOW-2005, and these will be detected by MAD# automatically. In order to avoid errors, ensure that units are maintained consistently throughout the different parameters of the model.

Recommended GUI

The GUI used to generate MODFLOW-2005 forward models for testing of MAD# was ModelMuse 3.2.1 (Winston, 2009).

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